ALBA Virtual Tour

Entrance hall A1
MAY Room A7
Living Room A4
MAY East Parking
Hall A1
Room A7
Dining Room A3
Room A5
MAY Room A8
Kitchen A2
Bathroom A5
Room A8
MAY Private Terrace1 A11

TRAMONTO Virtual Tour

MAY Entry Hall
Living room & dining area T4
Room T1
MAY Room T24
MAY Room T5
MAY Kitchen T2
MAY FirstFloor T20
MAY Living room T4
Kitchen T2
MAY Room T21
Living room air-conditioned T3
MAY Room T1
MAY Room T23

OUTDOOR Virtual Tour

MAY Acces Way
MAY Hot Tube
MAY Room in the garden Terrace
MAY Play Area2
MAY Alba terrace 3
"Pétanque" Court
MAY Acces Way 2
Tramonto terrace
Room in the garden Terrace
View from play area
MAY Alba terrace
MAY "Pétanque" Court
May Garden terrace
MAY Tramonto T1 terrace
MAY Room in the garden
Alba terrace
MAY Alba terrace 4
May Garden terrace
Hot Tube
MAY Terrace T21
MAY Play Area
MAY Alba terrace 2
May "Pétanque" 2 Court