Internal regulation

In order to make your stay pleasant, we kindly ask you to read the house rules, procedures and regulations.


Villa VENICA is the name of SCI Villa VENICA, 67450 MUNDOLSHEIM, France (“ we”, “ us” or “ our”). References to “ you” and “ your” in these terms means you, the customer and any other person in your party.

This villa is designed to accommodate a maximum of 18 people.
In order to adhere to French insurance and security laws you are in the obligation to respect this number.
We declines all responsibilities in case of injury or accidents due to non adherence to this article (see rental agreement).
We cannot be held liable in case of loss, theft or damage to personal effects on site, both in the apartments and in the car park.
A swimming pool alarm is installed. For safety reasons, please, always keep a close eye on children when they bathe or play around the swimming pool. YOU ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE USE OF THE SWIMMING POOL. Children who cannot swim should access the swimming pool only under close parental supervision.
It is forbidden to smoke in the villa for security reasons.
Do not take out the interior furniture and bed covers outside.
Do not eat in the bedrooms.
Any degraded or broken equipment should be reported.
If we are not notified before departure the value of the broken equipment will be deducted from the guarantee or the tenant must replace the broken equipment in the same way. .
Guest are required to replace any missing or broken items (especially kitchenware).
The garden furniture can be moved but replaced after use. In the same way the cleanliness of the places must be respected.
On departure please replace all equipment and furniture in its original place.
On a windy days and before leaving the apartment, please close the windows to reduce glass breakage.

Minors unaccompanied by their legal guardians will only be admitted with written authorisation from said guardians.
Pursuant to Article R.611-42 of the Code of Entry and Stay of Foreigners and the Right of Asylum, we are required to have the client of foreign nationality complete and sign, upon arrival, a individual police record.
This must mention in particular: surname and given names, date and place of birth, nationality, usual place of residence, mobile number and e-mail address, date of arrival at the establishment and the date of departure from abroad.
Children under the age of 15 may appear on the accompanying adult record.
The cards thus established must be kept for a period of six months and given, at their request, to the police and gendarmerie units.

Everyone must respect the tranquility of the site.  No MUSIC OUTSIDE. EVER. If you are playing music inside, the doors must be closed. People Noise during the day is permissible but must be measured and reasonable. Daytime is considered 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. After 10:00 pm, start winding down the outdoor activities. If you are outside after 10:00 pm, it should sound as though you are not. The neighbors expect the usual silence a neighborhood would afford them. 
Any additional guests staying in the apartment must be notified and authorized by us.
Visits are allowed after being notified and authorized by us within the limit of the capacity of reception of the apartment (18 people maximum + child of less than 3 years), visitors are under renters responsibility.
Please use your common sense concerning respect for others, calm and tranquility are priorities.
Avoid excessive noise or other nuisance, especially in the evening so as not to disturb neighbours.
The music should not be heard outside the villa.

The arrival and departure times are flexible (Contact Us).
On arrival the renter is asked for the rental deposit (in the case that it has not been paid in advance).
This deposit is returned on departure and after we has verified the apartment for degradation or breakage of equipment, furniture and kitchenware.

Upon arrival the renter is asked to check the inventory, this is MANDATORY.
Report any issues by email within 24 hours (otherwise the damage can be billed to you). The deposit is between  500€ and 1200€. 
The furniture of the apartments must remain inside, this furniture is intended for indoor use and should not be used on the Terrace.

The villa is a place of relaxation and calm.
Children are under the sole responsibility of their legal guardians.
They must be continually monitored and accompanied by a responsible adult.
The legal guardian are responsible for any degradation or breakage of equipment committed by their children.
You must keep an eye on your children at all times (Pool area, playgrounds …)

Animals are not accepted on the site

The bins/garbage containers are inside the Residence.
The black containers are for waste that is already contained in closed garbage bags.
It is absolutely forbidden to deposit bulky items in these containers.
Please keep the alleys, around the main trees, terraces free of garbage, paper, plastic bags and other, even temporarily.

The villa must be clean and organised into its original state (pillows and blankets stored, dishes washed and stored in cupboards, emptied bins, sanitary and clean bathroom).
We will verify the apartment on departure before returning the deposit, keys and any borrowed items must be returned by this time.
In case of departure outside the scheduled hours, the deposits are returned at a later date, if the state of cleanliness of the house is identical to that on arrival.

The tourist tax is applicable for any person staying in the accommodation (for more information : PROPORTIONAL TAX RATE or
Minors and children are not charged.
The product of tourist tax (taxe de séjour) is allocated to the development of tourism.
The payment of the tax is not included in the price of the stay.

The proportional rate (1) for furnished flats of tourism  is 5 % of the overnight stay (2) per person, capped at a maximum of 4,00 €.
It is then increased by 10% corresponding to the  additional tax for the benefit of “conseil départemental du VAR”.

Amount to be collected
Number of taxable and non exempt persons
Number of nights of the stay
Increased tourist tax proportional rate (3)

(1) Proportional rate = Overnight stay price excl tax
per occupant x 5 % capped at a maximum of 4,00€
(2) Overnight stay price excl tax per occupant = accommodation
price excl tax for the stay / Number of nights of the stay / Number
of occupants
(3) Increased proportional rate = Overnight stay price per
occupant excl tax x 5 % capped at a maximum of 4,00€ + 10%

Open fires are strictly forbidden.
In case of fire, you are required to immediately notify the service concerned by dialing 18 or 112, and state the location where assistance is needed : DOMAINE DE LA LIEUTENANTE – 87 AVENUE DU LAC – PUGET SUR ARGENS Theft: The renter is responsible for his villa and must report to us the presence of any unauthorised activities or persons.
Renters are invited to take the usual precautions for the safeguarding of their equipment, we are not responsible or the guardian of personal objects and materials in or around the villa.
Renters must have RC insurance.
In case of theft or damage to the apartments, we declines all responsibility.
The tenant is responsible for all damages caused by a third party.
The managers reserve the right to access the villa at any time.
Sub-renting is prohibited.
Any lost key, token or remote will be charged from 30 to 100 €.